UDPrecise consists of a special 50-spindle creel, feeding rovings into a patented PLC-tensioning system that ensures equal tension for all rovings. Fibers are then heated into a carbon heating system of the latest technology. This allows fibers to separate and open up more easily prior to entry into the main module of the machine.

The main module lays and spreads all fibers into a UD web measuring up to 60 cm width without gaps, upto 30 meters/minute.


A software controls all machine functions interfacing with a touchscreen control panel placed on a separate control unit.

UDPrecise is manufactured to provide full machine protection according to EEC machine standards to prevent accidents.

Heavy/Light UDs

UDPrecise incorporates a patented method of feeding each alternate roving into the tensioning system at a different height. This results in a controlled overlap of fibers to create a uniform thickness, allowing subsequent resin application.

This technology also enables the total overlap of fibers if required, to produce a heavier two-layered UD. To hold these layers together, by means of a screen or adhesive, the machine would be fitted with extra equipment.

UDPrecise also produces light-weight UD materials from standard rovings and can directly integrate UDs into multidimensional machines and fabrics.

Creel Module

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Technical Specifications

Weight: From 60 to 400g/sqm
Rovings from 1k-60k can be processed
Power: 380V 3 phase +G, 50-60 Hz
Air: 6 bar minimum recommended
Weight: 1500 Kg


Height: 3700 mm

Depth: 2000 mm

Width: 1200 mm